Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's Official! Obama is an Illegal President! Now What?

Uploaded by on Mar 4, 2012

This is HUGE! I believe this story is on the level of the JFK Assassination, and even 9/11.! Obama is clearly destroying our nation, our civil rights, and even leading us into multiple Wars. Essentially, he's finishing what Bush started. I'm a fan of neither one of these guys. They are merely (overused term alert) "puppets". And neither one of them made this country a better place to be. So, please know that I do not dislike Obama based on partisan politics, or even race for that matter. I'm a fan of freedom and truth, which clearly, Obama is not. By the way, did I mention that THIS STORY IS HUGE? More importantly, will anything come of it?? We'll see...

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What is that huge scar on Obama's head?? Check out the picture below..
Has he had surgery? An accident? Is Obama Bari Shabazz? Is Bari Shabazz alive? What happened to Barry he still alive?

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