Friday, February 24, 2012

Woman left brain-dead after being hit by police taser
A 20-year-old American woman has been left brain-dead after being hit with a police taser from just a couple of feet away.

UK Telegraph

Taser stun gun
Danielle Maudsley is now brain dead after Trooper Daniel Cole fired his stun gun at her as she attempted to flee arrest last September Photo: ALAMY

Danielle Maudsley was flung to the ground in September last year after Trooper Daniel Cole fired his stun gun at her as she attempting to flee arrest. She was still wearing handcuffs as she made the escape bid.

Footage of the incident, which happened outside a Florida Highway Patrol Station, show Trooper Cole firing the weapon despite only being an arms distance away. The video was recorded by a camera in nearby police car.

As the electric prongs struck the young woman, her body tensed, spun around and smacked the ground, her head hitting the asphalt hard.

Moments later she held her hands to her bleeding head and was heard crying before police instructed her to “lie down”. After the footage ended she is said to have blacked out and remained unconscious ever since.

Doctors have said she is unlikely to ever wake up...[Full Article]

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