Saturday, February 18, 2012

Russian general: strike against Iran planned for summer


Russian general: strike against Iran planned for summer. 46631.jpeg

Prensa Latina

An attack on Iran might happen in the summer, the Chief of Staff of Russian Army General Nikolai Makarov, warned today on the channel Russia Today. When referring to the tensions created around the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, Makarov noted that the West, especially the military in Washington and Tel Aviv, are preparing an act of war against the Persian country in April or no later than June this year.

The argument used for aggression, which Tehran considers artificially made to justify a war, refers to the alleged Iranian attempt to develop a nuclear program with military pretensions.

But Iran defends its right to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes and to produce fuel for its nuclear facilities.

The West reacts with bellicosity and more unilateral sanctions against the Persian state each time it refers to new programs to develop the atomic sphere and to reiterate its peaceful character, the source warned...[Full Article]

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