Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sneaker Mob Goes On Rampage: The Decline of Western Civilization, Part ∞

John Galt
Activist Post

Sometimes I just get fed up. And it usually happens around the holidays when we are supposed to be spreading some good cheer and kindness toward our fellow man, just in case we have been ignoring that mission otherwise. Maybe just a week or two of peace....

Then Black Friday comes.

Then the shopping mobs of X-mas.

I know these mobs are not representative of the potential for humanity, or even the majority, but it is what we are currently stuck dealing with, especially in city environments. What concerns me, in this case, is not the pepper-spraying police trying to contain the Air Jordan mob, because one shouldn't be caught dead near the Nike-produced, slave labor, child abusing filth that this particular corporation embodies, nor be seen in one of their chain store, human rights violating centers of degradation. Those who would fight and presumably die for such a cause? Well, it's an open invitation to the whole arsenal in my view.

However, this is what the future looks like if we don't get our act together real quick.

Drudge Report has dedicated several spots to the insanity of beating one another half to death for a pair of Air Jordans. Black Friday has given way to Black Eye Friday. This is what the elites see from their (stolen) position on the mount -- and it isn't pretty, let's admit. Their policies are generally driven by the belief that the masses are asses and deserve a good culling. I'm not suggesting that we have anything to prove to that higher class of sociopath, but rather that we do have something to prove to ourselves...[Full Article]



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