Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Iraq war, US' biggest military mistake'

Press TV

The US has withdrawn its troops from Iraq after nearly 8 years of a bloody war.
A leading US defense analyst has described the Iraq war as the “biggest mistake” in the history of the US military as the last patch of American troops withdraws from Baghdad.

The Iraq war and the subsequent occupation may ultimately come to be regarded as even a bigger mistake than the Vietnam war was, says an article by defense industry analyst Loren Thompson, published by Forbes . It also says the war failed to garner domestic support, which led to a “stark defeat” of American strategy in the country.

Referring to the West's false allegations of Baghdad possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as a pretext for the war, the article said that the WMDs did not exist and were an illusion.

“We soon determined that another big reason for going [to war with Iraq], the supposed presence of Al Qaeda elements, was largely imaginary,” Thompson said.

He further described as ridiculous the former US President George W. Bush's stated objective to make way for the first “real democracy” in the Arab world.

Thompson added that the American troops departing Iraq are not going any farther away than neighboring Kuwait...
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