Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Organic Sperm Donor Is Just Creepy


Apparently, 36-year-old Trent Arsenault thinks he’s the ideal father and more infertile couples should use his sperm. His qualifications? He consumes a fresh organic diet daily to help increase his sperm count and produce healthy babies, he avoids junk food and red meat, he’s athletic, intelligent and musically-talented, and he’s been cleared for any STD’s and any other health ailments. Oh, and his sperm count is off the charts according to his website: “Trent’s latest Sperm Count is at 202 Million/mL. The average male sperm count is 60 Million/mL”. There’s just one problem: he’s creepy.

And the FDA agrees. They have served the free sperm donor who believed he was simply doing a “community service” with a cease order for being a sperm “manufacturer.”...[Full Article]

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