Friday, November 18, 2011

Parents upset over crotchless panties sold in kid's store / Colorado

GREELEY - The store is called Kids N Teen, and it is located in the Greeley Mall. That's where some parents say they are outraged to have found crotchless panties sold near items clearly targeted for young kids.

It started as a family trip to the mall.

"We went towards the play area, because we like to take our son over there," Erin French said.

Next to the play area was a new store called Kids N Teen.

"They have cuddly little backpacks, and pretty little princess dresses," French said.

She also saw underwear.

"Then we saw crotchless panties, and I was mortified. My first initial response was, 'Am I really seeing that?'" French said.

She took out her cell phone to document what she felt was inappropriate...[Full Article]

[Webmaster - I am sickened and disgusted at having to even post this as a warning to parents. Alan Watt ( has extensively warned his listeners about the whole globalist/New World Order social agenda towards the promotion of pedophilia and bestiality as "the new norm" for our culture. The culture creation specialists (Hollywood / tell-lie-vision / the news / etc.) are constantly attempting to indoctrinate and reprogram the people(sheeple) that these abominations (pedophilia & bestiality) are "A-Okay". We need to wake-up friends to the cultural assaults that are being foisted upon our sensibilities by the corporate/Zionist-controlled mass-media. Take the red pill...stop watching tell-lie-vision and unplug from the matrix. And for those just starting to wake up, ask yourself, "What is the main commonality between Hollywood/movies, tell-lie-vision, and the news?"]

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