Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday madness: Grandfather body-slammed by cops, two shot and woman pepper-sprays rival shoppers on day of chaos

UK Daily Mail
Black Friday today descended into a violent frenzy in the U.S. as shoppers were tasered, pepper-sprayed and led away in handcuffs as bargain hunters battled for the best deals on offer.

A grandfather was knocked unconscious to the floor in Arizona, a California shopper used pepper-spray on fellow bargain hunters and gunfire erupted at a North Carolina mall last night.

An off-duty cop used pepper-spray in North Carolina, an Alabama shopper was tasered, a South Carolina woman was robbed and a California shopper was shot in a separate robbery.

An explosive device was found in Arizona, a man was charged in a New York brawl, a Hollister shop was burgled in New York City and girls punched each other at a Pennsylvania Victoria’s Secret.

This year’s Black Friday is on course to become the biggest on record with a staggering 152 million people predicted to shop over the weekend - up 10 per cent on last year, according to estimates...

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